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Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an holistic way of detecting and correcting imbalances in the body’s energy system.  Kinesiology enables the practitioner to look for the root cause of a health issue and use many different techniques to help the body to detoxify, reduce tension and re-energise.

Kinesiology was originally developed  in the 1960’s by an American chiropractor called George Goodheart.  He found that by testing muscle response before and after he made chiropractic corrections he achieved better results for his patients.  As time progressed he was able to make a connection between various muscles and acupuncture meridians.  The muscle testing is linked to energy flow rather than muscle strength and the aim of each treatment is to balance an individual’s energy and release blocked energy.

What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

Identify individuals nutritional needs.
Increase energy and vitality
Prevent illness
Helps to relieve stress
Helps to relieve physical pain

Food Sensitivity Testing

Kinesiology is an excellent method for assessing the body’s sensitivities to foods, chemicals and allergens.  Sometimes these areas of sensitivity can be too challenging for your body and can contribute the the health symptoms you are experiencing.  This non-invasive allergy test gives immediate results by monitoring muscle response using test vials of allergens which are placed on specific acupuncture points on the face or body.
Elimination of any sensitivities can often bring immediate relief to ongoing health issues.

A Kinesiology Treatment

When you make your first appointment you will be sent a health questionnaire to complete and return prior to attending.

At each appointment:

Depending on your individual requirements, it may berecommended that you take certain food supplements such as vitamins or minerals as part of your programme back to optimum health.

Email or call Carrie on 01604 677854 or 07974 394877 to book an appointment or to discuss how Kinesiology can help you