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Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology Carrie Billings Nutrition and Kinesiology


"I am so relieved that you have been able to help me. It really has made the quality of my day to day life vastly better and I hadn't known that there was a solution before I came to see you so I am so grateful. Thank you again so much."

"Finding out which foods seem to have an effect on me has helped to change my eating habits!  There were foods I was sensitive to that really surprised me and cutting them out for just one month made my problems easier to manage and my body shape has changed.  I now have a better understanding of my body thanks to you."

"I can't rave enough about the benefits of Kinesiology.  It made me feel like a new person and gave me unbelievable energy.  The impact for me was immediate and I would recommend that everyone should give it a go.  If you can help yourself to stay in the peak of health in a completely natural way ...  then what's stopping you?!!"

"My first Kinesiology session was truly incredible.  Carrie made me feel totally comfortable.  She was able to identify foods that triggered certain ailments I was experiencing.  I was delighted with her professional advice and supplenment recommendations.  I put everything into practice and within days my uncomfortable ailments eased.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone, not only did I find it intriguing but also enjoyable and very, very successful.  Thank you Carrie."

"Kinesiology has helped me to understand what my body needs and wants.  All of the minor grumbles that I had have completely disappeared.  

"I've been seeing Carrie for Kinesiology for just over a year and I've had some fantastic results.  Before I started seeing Carrie I was feeling very stressed, both physically and emotionally, but after a combination of treatment sessions and supplements recommended, I am feeling healthier and much more positive about certain aspects of my life."  

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.  It's been a lovely experience to receive you healing, knowledge, nurturing and advice"


These are just a few of the comments from clients - so why not email or call Carrie on 01604 677854 or 07974 394877 to find out how she can help you!